As hard as writing is for me, some things just flow easily. When it came to my exploratory paper, the guidelines of this paper were a bit sporadic for me while the topic itself came to mind quickly.

The kids. The kids of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

In my opinion, one of the greatest things that God could’ve granted for these amazing kiddos. I could go on and on about these kids who need every last bit of hope and prayer. These families that are there for their kids are struggling to find the energy and smiles to get up every morning and tell themselves it will get better. This horrible disease that kills thousands every year will miraculously leave their child’s body and never come back. Cancer that is. The leading cause of death and one of the most painful experiences to watch someone go through. Now days it is so rare to find someone that hasn’t been affected by cancer within their family or someone they knew.

I was able to express everything I knew and got to research and learn about St. Jude and put it all in a short six page paper. I wouldn’t have changed my topic or the wonderful things I got to read and write about for the world.

Keeping this short and sweet as this topic can get, I encourage you to donate to organizations like St. Jude. Let’s find a cure for these kids and for everyone that has been or will be affected by cancer.


6 thoughts on “#ForTheKids”

  1. I really respect and enjoy the topic that you decided to write on. Cancer is so prevalent in today’s society and it is very heart heartwrenching. I don’t think I know one person that has not had someone in their family experience cancer, or at least a family member of someone close to them; which is sad. I think donating to charities like these help cancer research to hopefully one day be able to find a cure, so good for you for advocating!


  2. This post hit very close to me, because I have been affected with cancer within my family and see it everyday I work. I just started a job at the Womens and Children’s hospital, where I bring the patients their food. I have have already had the unfortunate ability to see children and people directly affected by cancer. I saw the cutest little girl this past week and just the smile on her face when i brought her her pepperoni pizza brought me with overwhelming emotions. Knowing this little girl is being affect by cancer and she hasn’t even be able to experience any of the things a girl should get to go through, hurts. Just for a second bringing this little girl pizza allowed her to forget for a second of all the pain, and put a much needed smile on her face. So I love this article about the kiddos and cancer and your overall love for the St. Judes hospital.


    1. The work of St Judes is truly incredible and I’m glad you were able to write about something that you’re so passionate about. Donating to such organizations as St Judes is incredibly worth while


  3. I agree with you. St. Jude’s is such a great organization that does so much for these families and children. Children do not deserve to go through those things.


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